Last week, Amy Schumer met with two Australian radio hosts, Matt Tilley and Jane Hall of KIIS 101.1, to discuss her new movie, Trainwreck. And a train wreck is exactly what happened.

Matt Tilley asked a few questions that Schumer was not happy about—and understandably so. Unsurprisingly, Schumer didn’t put up with his bullshit.


After discussing the costumes in the movie, Tilley asked, “Do you have the word ‘skanky’ in America?” Schumer cleverly responded, “We do have that word. What made you think about your mom?”

Jane Hall tried to defuse the tension, but Tilley went on, “Come on, that’s the character of the movie, I’m not trying to offend you.” “Whatever you’re trying to do,” Schumer said, “you are. That’s a rude question.”

Come on, man. You just discussed that the film was largely autobiographical and now you’re calling the main character "skanky." GET A CLUE.

The interview continued to be uncomfortable, when Tilley said he was “not leaving ’til we get the car crash moment,” Schumer replied, “Then you’re gonna have to get it from your wife when you go home.” SUCH an amazing line.

When Tilley wrapped up by asking Schumer what she had planned next for her career, she said, “I wanna do whatever I have to do to do another interview with you again.” 


Hall was clearly a bit embarrassed by her co-host, as any decent human being would be, and told Schumer, “I might come by myself next time.”

Good plan.


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