If you follow Roxane Gay on Twitter, you should have seen her excited tweets about Magic Mike XXL. Besides her many tweets, Gay also penned a hilarious recap of the movie for The Toast.

Gay praises the movie not just for its beautiful dancing boys, but for being a “bad feminist” movie. Gay writes, “Magic Mike XXL is, I am willing to argue, a (bad?) feminist movie. Why? This movie caters, at all times, to the female gaze. It is queer friendly. The movie embraces women of all sizes. The movie embraces consent and places an emphasis on women’s sexual pleasure. I wish I had something really smart to say here but this movie felt feminist. The movie treated women like they were sentient beings rather than sexual objects and the movie boldly celebrated women’s sexuality.”


Channing Tatum recently learned about her love for the movie in an interview with Daily Life, an Australian publication. Daily Life reached out to Gay, wondering if she had any questions for Tatum. She had one question…“Does he cook?”

Tatum not only talked enthusiastically about his cooking skills but also about his passion for feminism. “I wanna talk to [Roxane Gay]. We're gonna do a Magic Mike Vegas show, and it's... (sighs). 'Feminist' is like a hard word for me to throw around. I would love to say I'm a feminist but I don't study feminism, so I can't just go, like, 'Yes, I'm a feminist!'. But I'm very pro-feminism. I wanna talk to her about the Magic Mike show,” Tatum told Daily Life


It is great to see men not only embracing feminism but understanding that they have more to learn about it and that the best source to learn about feminism is from women themselves!

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