Rejoice! Former model Jessica Lewis made a documentary, along with director Jenny McQuaile, all about the plus-size model industry. The documentary, Straight/Curve, will feature all of our favorite plus-size models, including Jennie Runk and Sabina Karlsson. Straight/Curve is “the most insider look at the industry so far, going behind the scenes of New York City's plus-size fashion industry,” says Lauren Chan of Glamour Magazine.

Chan reports that the documentary is expected to come out next summer. Chan, who is featured in the movie, makes a great point in the trailer: “The demand is there from the consumer to see plus-size models in magazines. The plus-size models are available at top agencies. What we’re missing is that piece of clothing, that sample size to fit them in to get them in book.” 


Straight/Curve also wants to show that what we need is inclusion. Plus-size models should be walking right alongside straight-size models in runway shows and appearing in ad campaigns together. Model Georgina Burke says, “The day where we don’t get so excited about seeing a plus-size model in a magazine is the day we’ve made it.”

Hopefully the documentary will be as wonderful as the trailer makes it seem. Watch the whole trailer below and read more at



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Image and video courtesy of Jenny McQuaile

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