When Tracy, a sad college freshman in New York City, suddenly befriends her brand-new older stepsister Brooke, life takes a fast—and exciting!—turn. In Mistress America, which is set to arrive in select theaters on August 14, comedy goddess Greta Gerwig and up-and-comer Lola Kirke (little sister of Girls’s Jemima Kirke) get to know themselves while getting to know one another on a journey to remember. It's a powerful portrait of female relationships and self-discovery, Noah Baumbach-style. And no, it is not a sequel to Frances Ha.

We’re looking forward to this film for a whole bunch of reasons. For one, we love the way Tracy describes Gerwig's character, Brooke. “She lived exactly the way a young woman should live who wants to spend her youth well,” Tracy narrates in the promo. Wouldn't we all like a guide to that? Sign us up.


Even just from the trailer, it's clear that—as different as they are—Tracy and Brooke become friends throughout their many adventures. A movie that's about two very different women learning from each other and developing a friendship? That's something we always want to see. 

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Check out the trailer below!


Image via Fox Searchlight Pictures

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