It's been a pretty excellent week on the Emma Watson front, first at Davos on behalf of HeForShe (killer speech, right?) and now in Tinseltown. It makes perfect sense to us that one of the world's best-known young feminists is set to play Disney's famed nose-buried-in-a-book leading lady. We're sure she'll totally nail it.

After all, she's got a lot to work with: Belle—unlike other Disney dames scheming to get hitched (coughcoughCinderellacough)—wanted to be known for more than her looks, and turned down Gaston's surface level proposal because he didn't respect her big gorgeous brain. We can't imagine Emma standing for that kind of nonsense either. You go, girls.


So... Yeah, yeah, we know it's a kid's movie, technically, but we're definitely going to go see this one. Will you?!

Image c/o the Telegraph & Disney

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