The two circles featuring the cult classic movie The Room, and James Franco’s baby brother Dave overlap and create a venn diagram with a middle space entitled “Things I Love.” This is why I was so excited to hear that the actor my friends and I affectionately refer to as “baby Franco” will be playing Greg Sestero in the (stay with me now) movie version of Sestero’s book about his experience filming the movie The Room, titled The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside the Room.


His news was announced at a Los Angeles screening of The Room, where Tommy Wiseau said that he thought it was a “good choice.” The ever-popular James Franco will play Wiseau, who if you aren’t familiar, wrote, produced, and starred in the delightfully terrible film The Room. Now to be honest I haven’t been the hugest fan of James Franco since his little Cindy Sherman stunt, however I’m confident that The Disaster Artist is safe in his hands.

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I’m especially excited about the involvement of Seth Rogen as producer for the film. Rogen recently expressed that Sestero would be the leading character in the film, not Wiseau. In the film The Room, Sestero plays the supporting male lead as both Wiseau’s best friend and his girlfriend’s lover. If that last sentence doesn’t make you want to watch The Room, I don’t know what will.

Wiseau has said that he has read Sestero’s book and “agrees with about 50% of it.” However, this is coming from the man who says his heavy, yet somehow ambiguous, European accent comes from being raised in Louisiana. Last night James Franco instagramed a photo of Wiseau and his little brother posing at the screening, making The Room fans'  mouths water with anticipation for The Disaster Artist

Mary Rockcastle is a florist, illustrator, and craftswoman living in Rochester, New York. She’s the sole founder of Little Lamb Studios, and #1 biggest fan of all dogs.

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