This fun new film opens today, June 6th! Written and directed by indie darling Michael Tully, Ping Pong Summer will charm your socks off and make you yearn for summer camp, popsicles, old school rhymes, and the feel-good style of 1985. The colors are crazy, the clothes are boss, and emotions (and hormones) run high. The narrative centers around Rad Miracle (played by Marcello Conte), a 13-year-old kid whose life is built around his obsessions. Namely, hip-hop and Ping Pong.

To say that the film features an all-star cast would be an understatement. The scenes are positively crawling with heavy-hitters from both the comedy world and Hollywood. Expect great performances from Susan Sarandon, Amy Sedaris, Lea Thompson, and Judah Friedlander, while Rad goes about making friends, crushing out, getting bullied, and finding a mentor. It all sounds like pretty familiar coming-of-age film fodder, but Ping Pong Summer reinvigorates the genre and leaves audiences wanting more. If you've ever felt like an outcast, or were picked last for capture the flag, this movie is for you. 


—Kelly Maxwell


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