Catherine Deneuve Will Make You Excited To Grow Old In New Film 'On My Way'

On My Way -
the new film featuring Catherine Deneuve - tells the story of an older woman struggling to keep her life together as she juggles a restaurant, a nagging elderly mother, and a mostly tumultuous relationship with a moody daughter. Under the pressure of keeping it all together, she snaps, and embarks on an unanticipated road trip that turns her life upside down. As she journeys down this new and unexpected road of life, she meets many zany strangers, embraces her relationship with her grandson, and most importantly, she is reintroduced to herself. 

Deneuve is as enchanting as ever, as she fills the screen with her loveably flawed character. The audience simultaneously roots for her happiness, while also losing patience for her lack of insight; a truly human character. The film is a breath of fresh-air in a youth-centric medium, with a message loudly stating that aging is a beautiful inner transformation that has infinite lessons and personal discoveries in store. 

The film is gorgeously done, beautifully shot, and tells an endearing story of a woman finding herself in unexpected ways.  I give it 4 out of 5 boobs. 

This was a guest post by Kelly Maxwell

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