Sandra Bullock Is Not Relying On Any Man

I was a little apprehensive to see Sandra Bullock’s Gravity when it hit theaters two weekends ago. Since I’m prone to panic attacks, I didn’t think it was suitable for me to watch a movie where a woman is stuck in space, but despite my feelings, I was completely blown away by Bullock’s performance. As a scared doctor, who didn’t fully know how to handle her space shuttle’s equipment, Bullock’s character was completely autonomous and totally kicked ass. She went through hell and high water to do what she could to survive without any assistance.


Bullock’s off-screen persona doesn’t need any assistance either. In a recent interview with Garth Pearce of The Express, Bullock expressed how her mother taught her to not depend on a man for anything. After surviving a car crash in 2008, having her ex-husband Jesse James reveal his infidelity just a few days after her Oscar win (#whattajerk), and taking on various stalkers, Bullock is pretty indestructible. I mean, who else could rap Rapper’s Delight on The Jonathan Ross Show?

Bullock expressed that her career has felt like a battle of fears, being that she was scared of not succeeding. “I used to get out of bed sometimes and feel depressed and watched a bunch of reruns on TV to get over it,” says Bullock. “I should have allowed myself to be a little more human and not worry about trying to be a superwoman.” 

But instead of clinging to a therapist, she put her energy elsewhere. She became a crafty-lady by working on her house, working on her friendships, adopting her son Louis, and finally working as an actress. By doing so, Bullock mentions that her attitude about work has shifted since her little bundle of joy has come into her life. “I make my decisions now based on personal factors that just weren’t there before,” says Bullock. 

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Before Bullock played the super-awesometastic astronaut, The Express reports that Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, and Natalie Portman all rejected the Gravity role. But in my opinion, can you really see those actresses being suspended in a box for weeks without any sound or light? Bullock’s ability to keep her composure in a heart-pounding action movie and be a funny gal (ahem The Proposal) is one that is awe-inspiring. And that’s why she’s my newest role model!

Thanks to The Express 

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