I don't need to tell you that Mean Girls is the most hysterical, quotable movie of all time. You know it, I know it, it is fact. And the best part is, there's never a bad time to use a Mean Girls line. You are always regarded as witty and charming for pulling "she doesn't even go here" out of your ass at a party. It's a universal truth.

But Christopher Rosa, an intern for NextMovie, just put us all to shame.


This majestic creature takes Mean Girls love to the next level by reciting the ENTIRE MOVIE line-for-line in just under half an hour. While donning a pink polo shirt. At a rapid-fire speed. 

Not entirely sure why, maybe he's a superfan or maybe his higher-ups had him train for this for 3 months straight (internships are weird like that.) One thing for sure, though: this is probably the most admirable venture I have ever, and will ever, see in my life.

Four for you Glen Coco, you go Glen Coco. 

See? That was fucking hilarious. And now you feel closer to me. Let's get drinks sometimes, kay?


Alright, but honestly, go watch the video below.


Original Article via Vulture.com