Exit - BUST

Shugo Tokumaru’s third release is chill and childlike yet deep and complex.

Light, lovely, and unexpected, Shugo Tokumaru’s third release is an experience akin to wandering through a sun-drenched fairy forest. This singer/songwriter from Tokyo is a multi-instrumentalist, whose style and influences draw on elements of pop, folk, and electronic music. Comparable with Jens Lekman’s work, Exit takes more than one listen to fully appreciate—Japanese language skills not required. While outwardly joyful and almost childlike, the arrangements are intricate and convey a breadth of subtle emotions. “Parachute” is an impossibly happy tune, the tinkling of bright chimes against guitar adding to the sweetness that feels so very honest. “Button” is more quickly paced with soft, traditional Japanese acoustics and a Beatles-esque vocal melody. In the end, this is the perfect, chill album to drift into, like a breeze that’s both impish and wild.