After losing her eyesight to a condition called incontinentia pigmenti in 2013, a teenage Lucy Edwards achieved YouTube stardom by posting tutorials on how she does her makeup blind. Now 26, the U.K.-based content creator is a successful journalist, radio broadcaster, disability activist, and social media sensation with 1.7M TikTok followers. “I started making short, educational content,” says Edwards, “answering the questions I’d get on how I do day-to-day tasks.” From showcasing how she pulls together stylish outfits to 60-second lessons on guide dogs, Edwards demonstrates how she accomplishes an amazing array of activities on TikTok @lucyedwards, on Instagram @lucyedwardsofficial, on her Lucy Edwards YouTube channel, and on lucyedwards.com. “I don’t just want to inspire people because I get out of bed,” she says. “I want to inspire people because I’m a capable and competent person who is strong and determined to live the life that I’ve always wanted.”- Aliza Pelto 

@lucyedwards I’m blind, what do I see? #learnOnTikTok #myTruth #blindness #blind #disabilitytiktok ♬ The Journey - Sol Rising

Top Image: Lucy Edwards


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