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Midsummer marks the beginning of a new season. It occurs from June 19-25 (Midsummer’s Eve occurs this weekend), at the beginning of the summer solstice. This occurs when the sun is at its most vibrant and highest potency, making it a celebration of life and love.

Being that these days are the longest and fullest of the year, it’s a wonderful time to soak up the sun and breathe in life. You can charge your crystals and tarot cards under the sun to give them a boost of energy, as well as meditate outside to connect with the universe.


In many countries, Midsummer is a cherished tradition. People dance around the Maypole with friends and family, wear flower crowns to celebrate the circle of life, eat seasonal fruits and vegetables, and drink libations to celebrate the good times to come. Bonfires, parties, and positive vibes are a must fit this time honored tradition that’s spanned centuries.


This weekend, Bri Luna, the creative director and owner of The Hoodwitch is throwing a party with Harridan Vodka to celebrate Midsummer in the beautiful garden at Barely Disfigured in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. There will be seasonal cocktails, tarot readings, and of course flower crown making with your favorite witch, Bri Luna (The Hoodwitch). Not only that, but she’ll also be casting a prosperity spell — so you definitely should come.

Get tickets here to secure your spot at this wonderful event on June 25, which also has an open bar for guests and the chance to mingle with the most magical people in NYC.

Photo by Victoria Kovios

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