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There are 4 elements of the tarot: Fire (wands), air (swords), earth (pentacles, or coins), and water (cups). Each element is lauded over by a King and Queen, who represent the most righteous form, the pinnacle, of each element’s power. Kings are great and all, but yawn, patriarchy. The Queens of the tarot channel feminine energy and are known for approaching problems with intuition and inner strength rather than the blunt force of the Kings.  

In this four-part series, we feature one Tarot Kween each week with a corresponding playlist comprised of women and non-binary artists. You can use these playlists for your own tarot readings, or just to vibe on some glorious otherworldly femme energy. 



The Queen of Cups rules over the element of water, which is associated with intuition and emotion. This Queen has a passionate heart, but unlike the Queen of Wands who comes in as a raging fire, the Queen of Cups washes over you as a hundred-year flood. 

Cups represent the womb, making the Queen of Cups very nurturing and deeply caring. In addition to her maternal instincts, the Queen of Cups is a hardcore romantic, hunched over Rumi Kapur and listening to early Coldplay albums. This Queen feels deeply and is a card-carrying member of the Frequent Criers Club. She’s up for a Nicholas Sparks movie marathon any dang time. 

Really, the Queen of Cups is always up for a hang with her besties, especially if there’s booze. (Alcohol comes from water, after all.) The Queen is well-known for her tight-knit friendships. The Three of Cups is considered as the “girls night out” card. She also loves to get together with old friends and remember childhood nostalgia, which is evidenced in the Six of Cups. This Queen is wonderful to party with and will make you feel like a million bucks. Then at 3 a.m. you’ll both be sobbing together over bourbon and photo albums. 

Unfortunately, this mermaid Queen does not handle breakups well. She may get mad, but mostly she’ll be bawling with Olivia Rodrigo and Ben & Jerry’s. But she doesn’t mind. The Queen is comforted by deep sadness as much as joy. Feeling deeply is the Queen of Cups’ way of life. 

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The Queen of Cups is at work when you are super vibing with someone and feeling an intense friend crush. She’s in your brain when you just know your child is missing you. A loyal and generous friend, she’s in your basement helping you film TikTok dance challenges. Learn from the Queen of Cups that it’s okay—nay, great—to wear your heart on your sleeve. Tell someone you love them today, and don’t be afraid to shed a tear in the name of the Queen.  

Top image by Teresa via flickr

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