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There are 4 elements of the tarot: Fire (wands), air (swords), earth (pentacles, or coins), and water (cups). Each element is lauded over by a King and Queen, who represent the most righteous form, the pinnacle, of each element’s power. Kings are great and all, but yawn, patriarchy. The Queens of the tarot channel feminine energy and are known for approaching problems with intuition and inner strength, rather than the blunt force of the Kings.  

In this new series, we feature one Tarot Kween each week with a corresponding playlist comprised of women and non-binary artists. You can use these playlists for your own tarot readings, or just to vibe on some glorious otherworldly femme energy. 



First up is the Queen of Wands. FIRE, Y’ALL. The Wands are a favorite element of many modern witches, as the Queen of Wands is often linked to OG hearth witch Brigid, who stoked a fire quicker than your bedazzled Zippo. 

The Queen of Wands knows who she is and she’s ready for you to worship her. The Queen, like most astrological fire signs, is known for her vibrancy and unbridled creativity. However, this level of passion comes with a warning: this Queen isn’t a turn-the-other-cheek kind of lady. This bitch will hunt you until the end of earth or until you pay for the pain you caused. 

When you channel the Queen of Wands, you’ve got big plans. You throb confidence. Whether you’re plotting for world domination or bedroom domination, this Queen is your muse. The Queen of Wands is who you channel when you dance naked to your reflection in the mirror. She’s watching with pride when you make “fuck me” eyes, and she’s leaning over your shoulder when you send risky texts. The Queen of Wands can be a bit of a dom, like the Queen of Swords; however, she knows what she likes and can wear any sexual hat she damn chooses. 

In addition to her sexual energy and straight-up feline prowess, the Queen of Wands carries her irresistible charm to every angle of life. At work, she gets you to do her bidding and you don’t even realize it. She is not necessarily calculating or even prepared, but somehow she keeps rising. 

To channel the Queen of Wands, embrace fire and raw energy. Wear red lipstick, light a bougie candle, fire up that blunt, dance topless in the sun. Soak up the radiant energy of you. You are the fire.


Use the playlist below to help you channel some of that glorious otherworldly fire femme energy.

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