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Myriam Steinberg's Catalogue Baby is a graphic novel about an indomitable spirit who, like so many women, lives through fertility struggles, miscarriages, and the deep-seeded desire to bring a child into the world. It's about heartbreak, laughter, and hope. At its heart, it aims to break the silence and taboos surrounding the world of conception. You can purchase the book here. This excerpt has been reprinted with permission.

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Myriam Steinberg is currently a writer. In her past life, she was a visual artist, and event organizer. For 11 years, she was the brains and brawn of the In the House Festival, which brought live performances of all kinds into people’s living rooms and backyards throughout her hometown of Vancouver, Canada. Myriam was nominated for the YWCA Women of Distinction Award for her work on the festival. Her first book, Catalogue Baby, chronicles her years spent trying to conceive a child as a single woman in her forties. For more information, visit Myriam’s website www.cataloguebabynovel.com or Instagram @catalogue_baby.