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There's been a lot of talk about “doing the work” when it comes to understanding and dismantling systemic racism. But for those of us who want to be effective co-conspirators with the Black community, “doing the work” must be more than just talk. These online courses created by Black women offer a deeper understanding of the pervasive insidiousness of racism and its relationship to privilege and provide the tools to help you scrutinize your own internalized biases. As course organizer Glo Atanmo told BUST, “Creating a more compassionate world starts with understanding. And better understanding comes from having these hard conversations."

The Great Unlearn by Rachel Cargle + Additional Expert Voices


A monthly, self-paced and self-priced virtual learning collective with suggested pledge options starting as low as $5 per month, The Great Unlearn ( features monthly syllabi with read and watch lists, monthly office hours, study halls, lectures via Zoom, and show & tell assignments to help you reflect on what you’ve learned. Topics ranging from America’s birth story to respectability politics are covered by expert voices and academics of color. The collective was created by writer, lecturer, and public academic Rachel Cargle (; she’s also the founder of Elizabeth’s Bookshop and Writing Centre, a literary space amplifying marginalized voices.

30 Days & 30 Ways to Be a Better Ally by Glo Atanmo

For a one-time investment of $27, you’ll get digestible daily units in PDF format, written by business coach, online educator, and content creator Glo Atanmo ( In her trademark down-to-earth but suffering-no-fools style, she explains things like token-ism and why Black should be capitalized, with anecdotes, journal prompts, and links to more in-depth sources. Atanmo recommends doing the course ( with a friend (hello, accountability) and dedicating 30 minutes daily for 30 days.

Anti Racism & White Privilege by Nova Reid


This yearlong anti-racism course from U.K. activist, diversity consultant, and public speaker Nova Reid (available at is self-paced but requires a minimum of two hours a week to complete lessons within the 12-month time limit (after which access expires). Thirty hours of taught content is delivered in a mixture of videos, audios, and lecture notes you can access on demand. A student discussion forum is also included, as well as homework assignments, journal prompts, and reading lists to help you digest everything you take in. Reid addresses a wide range of topics—including anti-racist parenting and the role feminism has played in racism—from her perspective as a Black woman in the U.K. At £714, or about $930, it’s a hefty price tag that will help keep you accountable. –CHRIS CIOLLI

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