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May is Mental Health Awareness month, and at this point, after almost 90 days of lockdown because of the coronavirus, we can all agree, everyone needs and deserves as much care as possible. At the forefront of the most deserving, are those in the frontlines.

Courtesy of the Divine Feminine School of Hypnosis, The Mind Massage Hotline—a free emotional support service for frontline healthcare and essential workers, or anyone who is feeling in need is now available.


Founded by Brooklyn based, CHt, Shauna Cummins, The Mind Massage hotline offers real-time, person-to-person connection through the phone to help frontline workers decompress and recharge as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Cummins was inspired to “create the Mind Massage Hotline to support these workers who risk their lives and the health of their families while they continue to provide services to New Yorkers.” As Cummins lives in the epicenter of the pandemic in the U.S. where more than 28 percent of New York City’s essential workers live. As expected, like most of us, many of these workers are reporting anxiety, stress, insomnia and burnout.

Cummins states,

“My wish is that the Mind Massage Hotline can provide a reprieve from the daily stress and exhaustion while providing a space to work with the imagination as a tool for healing and hope. Even though we are all still stuck inside, Mind Massage can help to access and anchor into a sense of peacefulness and freedom within our mental landscape irregardless of what's going on around us, if even just for a half hour.”

The Mind Massage offers a thirty-minute personalized sessions of a “specialized technique that integrates, meditation, visualization and self-hypnosis, providing the client with deep relaxation and release.”

A free Mini Mind Massage session is also available for those who “require immediate relief or to experience a taste of the longer, guided sessions.” The seven-minute sessions will be pre-recorded and can be accessed anytime without the need to book a time slot with a hypnotist.

Call the hotline now at 855-563-5700 and be sure to follow the Mind Massage Hotline. To book your free session, go here to sign up: https://www.mindmassagehotline.com/schedule.

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Following the end of quarantine, the service will be available on a donation basis.

Illustration by Tara O'Brien

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