Minnesota teen and rising Harvard freshman Priscilla Samey accepted a promposal which came in the form of a Harvard admissions packet.


She captioned her tweet, which currently has 126,000 likes, with, “Couldn’t find a man to accept me for prom so I took a college that did.”

According to her Twitter, Priscilla also earned admission to Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, Cornell, and UPenn, but clearly, she has a favorite.

Priscilla’s accomplishments are a big deal, and taking the opportunity to celebrate her academic success is definitely more important than taking awkward pictures with some random classmate from AP Calc. Priscilla’s parents, immigrants from Togo, initially settled in Quebec before moving to Minnesota when Priscilla was eight. The move was difficult, as Priscilla’s father, who had a doctoral degree, was greatly underemployed. Priscilla wasn’t fluent in English, but she picked it up and began winning medals in regional speech competitions, according to the Minnesota Star Tribune.

Overall, Priscilla’s smart prom date choice is a Harvard-worthy move; after all, a piece of paper won’t show up in a ruffly, '70s tux, and the happy couple probably only needed one ticket.

Top photo via Twitter, @prizxillas

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