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Have Uterus, Will Travel

AS A SEASONED traveler and digital nomad, Lani Fried encountered a recurring problem: it was a struggle to obtain a gynecological exam, or sometimes even a tampon, in foreign countries where she was unaware of the laws and social attitudes. (A pap smear attempt in Turkey got her shamed by a doctor for not being a virgin.) After realizing how much research it took just to procure these necessary services, Fried created Gynopedia, a wiki that offers information related to reproductive health, including abortion access and emergency contraception, for more than 90 countries—the U.S. listings include clinics with sliding pay scales for the uninsured. Fried put together much of the initial information herself, but she now works with NGOs, Facebook groups, pharmacies, and clinics around the globe. Since it’s a wiki, users are able to add their own information and help others worldwide. Check out to find out more.

By Adrienne Urbanski
Illustration by Arielle White

This article originally appeared in the July/August 2019 print edition of BUST Magazine. Subscribe today!



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