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AUGUST 14TH BRINGS US an exciting conjunction between the Sun and Venus in Leo, creating an amazing day for manifesting love, money, confidence, and dreams. We will all get a chance to fight for our passions and embark on a new Venusian vision. It’s a great time to manifestation as well.


The Sun and Venus align in the sky, igniting a particular Venus cycle. This Venus cycle takes us back to August 2015. We are working with the second part of that cycle now and carrying out the intentions we started to harvest then.

Venus will now switch from being an impulsive Morning Star to being a lovely Evening Star now, which will change the way we approach financial and emotional matters. This Venus Star Point is particularly potent because it activates the “Finger of God,” due to the frustrating aspects from Neptune and Pluto in the sky. This cosmic energy is forcing us all to make fated decisions on August 14th. Hopefully, we are all ready to step up to our destiny.


What Can We Expect?

 Esteemed astrologer Jake Register states today’s lovely planetary conjunction is “the start of a new cycle for all things Venusian—love, pleasure, beauty, etc.” It’s also the beginning of a new cycle around the relationship with ourselves. Register adds that the Venus Star Point will “bring many fated events or huge changes” to us all. So, stay tuned...


What Signs Will the Venus Star Point Affect the Most?

The Venus Star Point will affect us all. However, certain signs will feel it the most, due to the way it will effect some signs. Register states that, “it’ll be great for the fire signs and air signs” but “the energy for earth and water signs will be less easygoing, harmonious energy and more of an urgent energy for them—lots of breakups/new relationships starting with those signs.” No matter what sign you are, “this can sound scary or bad but the Venus Star Point is one of the most beautiful and exciting aspects for any sign, and it leads to tons of growth in the realms of romance, self-love, and beauty!”


How Will the Venus Star Point Affect Your Sun Sign?

Aries: Your creativity will be on point today, allowing you to embrace your artistic goals.

Taurus: Your views are growing and changing, allowing you to gain confidence.

Gemini: A little flirting will do you good—as long as you speak from the heart.

Cancer: Don’t be afraid to ask for a raise today—you may receive it!

Leo: Your desire for glamour will help you shine in the spotlight.

Virgo: Treat yourself to some much needed TLC at a spa or massage.


Libra: Friends are now a major form of support and love—give them thanks for their kindness.

Scorpio: Your professional goals and dreams are evolving now.

Sagittarius: You’re embracing a new philosophy about life and love.

Capricorn: A new financial plan will boost your savings account in the future.

Aquarius: You’re now clear on what you expect from all relationships.

Pisces: You’re “adulting” and learning how to take care of yourself.


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