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I've been lucky enough to work with NY-based Hypnotist Shauna Cummins privately; her sessions are incredibly relaxing and recharging, almost psychedelic. She practices here in Brooklyn (Maha Rose) as well as her private office in Manhattan,  or you may have taken her class at one of our School for Creative Living events. Shauna recently released an audio track which allows you to experience deep, positive suggestions in the privacy of your own home, or anywhere. Better Everyday is a self-hypnosis binaural track created by Shauna and composer Michelle Cade. 

A sort of homage to the late French doctor Emile Coue, the French psychologist and pharmacist who made auto-suggestion 'every day in every way I'm getting better and better' popular.  This experience is best received during the hypnogogic state between waking and sleeping,  a time when the subconscious mind is more receptive to suggestion.  An ideal time to prime your mind for what you wish for yourself and to cultivate a more collaborative relationship with your inner dialogue.  As Thomas Edison famously said "never go to sleep without making a request to your subconscious mind." 


So find a quiet space, close your eyes and travel into your mind! 


Shauna Cummins is a hypnosis practitioner and an artist based in NYC. She is the founder of The Divine Feminine School of Hypnosis and The Wishcraft method for self-hypnosis. She loves dancing, traveling and helping people help themselves through the medicine of their imagination. 


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Mind Like Water (Michelle Cade) is a London based electronic music producer, DJ, singer, sound therapist and Ayurvedic massage therapist fascinated with healing frequencies, personal transformation and optimal wellbeing.

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