6 Healing Podcasts To Listen To For Self-Care

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Self-care: it’s all the rage these days, as it should be. Turns out, combining a healthy lifestyle with woo-woo stuff like tarot, astrology, and meditation can really make a huge difference in stress reduction. Along the same lines, I’ve been into the idea of manifesting goals through positive thinking since I read Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization in the 1980s, and am stoked ideas like this are gaining attention. Recently, I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole of podcasts that cover all these topics and more. Here are some choice picks (available on iTunes) for your queue. 

Natalie Ross hosts one of my fave podcasts, Dream Freedom Beauty, which averages an hour and a half (in addition to shorter episodes that focus on an amazing weekly astrology report from the wonderful Rebecca Conran). Natalie interviews various healers and artists and delves into their forms of self-care. The discussions are honest and casual and leave me with a sense of calm. (Dive into the annals of her recently defunct Self Care Club for illuminating chats with people like yoga maven Jessamyn Stanley.) I really love the hour(ish)-long show Tarot for the Wild Soul hosted by intuitive healer Lindsay Mack. Every week, she delves deep into the meanings and uses of tarot, and her monthly medicine report (an astro/tarot reading) is weirdly accurate and powerful for me. Self Service, produced by Girlboss and hosted by Jerico Mandybur, is a spiffy half-hour weekly show that combines interviews with a guest like Bri Luna (The Hoodwitch) or author Gabby Bernstein, with forecasts by astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo, and helpful tips from psychologist Dr. Lauren on dealing with things like depression and anxiety. A brand new addition to my list is Jessica Lanyadoo's excellent Ghost of a Podcast, she is such a powerful astrologer, I can't recommend it enough. And for straight-up guided meditations and inspiring lectures (great for sleepless nights) my go-to is Tara Brach and her eponymous pod. Tara is a Buddhist teacher and her soothing lessons are always really insightful and hella relaxing.


By Laurie Henzel
Illustration by Tara O'Brien
This article originally appeared in the August/September 2018  print edition of BUST Magazine. Subscribe today!

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