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Just when you thought the summer couldn’t get any wackier, another planet in the sky starts moonwalking, adding an extra dose of upheaval and confusion to your daily grind. Heads up, stargazers! The “Great Awakener” planet, Uranus, starts gliding backwards on August 7th through January 6th, 2019. This six-month-long retrograde will likely shake up your social footing, finances, and love life, and nothing will be the same when the planet goes direct!

As rebel planet Uranus starts moonwalking backwards from earthy Taurus to fiery Aries, expect to feel frustrated as you come to terms with and try to make amends for past indiscretions. This transit serves to teach us all lessons about the decisions we made between April 10th and August 7th, 2018. It’s time to reflect on choices made over the past four months, giving ourselves the option to see if we can commit to partnerships, investment plans, and political beliefs, or if it’s best to let them go to serve the development of our higher selves.

Backtracking on choices may sting at first. We could end up with a broken heart, a dwindling bank account, or on our very own political island by January when Uranus starts to move forward. Try to use this retrograde to nourish your life (even if it begins with a flood!) with creative and political information, allowing you to make gradual changes to situations or beliefs that are already in place. If you are open to change and keep your wits about you, you can revamp these structures and shake things up sufficiently to satisfy mighty Uranus.

As Uranus moves back from sensual Taurus to passionate Aries, we may be forced to take action and focus on transforming how we behave in relationships, understanding that we need to prioritize how we cultivate and care for others and the world without sacrificing the ego, or self. How do we partner? Are we being seen or recognized? How can we change the world? How do we invest our time and money for these causes? Is the investment worth it? Does it serve our higher purpose and our community?

Astrologer Kesaine Walker states, “As a collective, we may end up seeing a lot of erratic behavior as we’re all trying to balance and process all the changes that have been happening in the world with our inner well being.” The best way to harness the energy of Uranus retrograde is to become more self-aware while devoting ourselves to a right cause, hopefully waking “people up out of a place of complacency, especially when it comes to fighting against totalitarian governments and socio-economic injustice,” according to astrologer Mecca Woods.

Use your voice for change and healing. While you may go your own way over the next several months, make room to reassess and reorganize to join up with like-minded rebels, as this will make the journey more fruitful without suppressing your personal growth.

Photo Source: NASA/Space Telescope Science Institute

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