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On Monday,The London Times reported that the popular ride-sharing app Uber has investigated over 2,500 drivers in London for offenses including sexual assault and stalking—and apps like Uber and Lyft are notoriously dangerous for female drivers, too. The new appropriately-titled app Safr, which will be available in Boston, Orlando, and Washington, D.C. this fall, offers a better, alternative option.

Safr, built with female riders and drivers in mind, uses a myriad of tactics to ensure secure rides for everyone in the car, including an emergency SOS button and real-time tracking. Drivers and passengers both have access to a gender preference feature, and women can choose to only ride with other women. Drivers have to undergo extensive background checks and pass both driving tests and in-person interviews, and are paid above industry standard, and there’s no wage gap (Looking at you, Uber).


“With the increasing danger that proceeds after college nightlife, Safr ensures a safe ride home for college women, whether they need to get home from a bar or a fraternity party,” say the Safr team in a press release. The team is also working with bartenders at local spots in each city to provide discounts and incentives for intoxicated women to leave in Safr cars.

The app has been active in Boston for over a year now, but is extending to Orlando and D.C. in September. Learn more on the company’s website, and download Safr from the App Store here.

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