Democrats Have Enough Votes To Filibuster Gorsuch Nomination

Senate in session

It has just been announced that Senate Democrats have enough votes to filibuster the Gorsuch Supreme Court nomination. Current Senate rules dictate that 60 votes are required to proceed with a nomination of the high court. While this is great news for Democrats, it of course, doesn’t come without some bad news. The Democrats filibuster will almost certainly be challenged by the Republican’s “nuclear’ showdown.

The impending “nuclear” plan would be the Senate Republican’s change the rules for vote threshold. Instead of the threshold having to be 60 votes, Republican’s would change it to a 51-vote majority which would allow them to approve Gorsuch’s nomination with a simple majority vote.


There’s no guarantee that either will work but for now, the Senate is extremely tense and preparing to engage in what seems like an intense partisan battle.

Top photo via Wikimedia Commons

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