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“When you touch me, I die / Just a little inside  I wonder if this could be love / This could be love / Because you’re out of this world / Galaxy, space, and time / I wonder if this could be" — "Venus" by Lady Gaga 

Birthed from sea foam, after Saturn defeated his father Caelus to rule the sky when his blood and semen dropped into the waters after Saturn castrated him. Emerging from the waves, in full adult female form, Venus’s beauty could make anyone with a pulse blush. As payment for use of lightning bolts, her father offered her hand in marriage to Vulcan. The arranged marriage to Vulcan proved to be an interesting pairing, as Vulcan was notoriously known for his unpleasant demeanor and not his looks. Due to her unhappiness in the marriage, mainly due to her sexual frustration (Venus and Vulcan never had sexual relations when married), Venus is known for her affairs. As the paramour of many famous gods, most notably Mars, she produced several offspring. Her beauty, charm, pleasant demeanor, self confidence, and sophistication wooed many men. 

As she flies through the air in her chariot made of swans, Venus graces the sky with her  merriment, sensuality, and lovely sensibilities—teaching us all that love doesn’t have to be hard. We should not have to work for popularity or intimate connections. Our gracefulness and laughter is plenty to attract good company and affection.


Bees symbolize Venus because their product honey is a luxury and decadent product. Gold flakes of sweetness represent her demeanor. Cupid, her son, stole a beehive filled with honey. Cupid, who shoots his arrows for people to fall in love, learns that the ecstasy of love can hurt from his mother. Heartbreak and suffering are all parts of love. Venus was at one point poisoned by overindulging in eating honey, an allegory for love and heartache, letting us all know the rush of ecstasy can cause wounds and not to give your heart away to many (as she overindulged her sweet tooth in the form of intimacy and food).

1024px Artemisia Gentileschi Sleeping Venus a0575Venus and Cupid (c. 1626) by Artemisia Gentileschi, via Wikimedia Commons

Perhaps the most famous consort of Venus is the mortal Adonis. The Channing Tatum of Ancient Greece, his good looks immediately attracted Venus; she saw him as her equal. However, Persephone, one of Venus’s friends and fellow goddess, also had eyes for Adonis. After both fought over him in fits of jealousy, Saturn divided his time between both goddesses, until he ultimately chose Venus, due to her harmonious outlook on life and patience. Their romance was shortly lived, as Adonis was bitten by a wild bore and died in her arms. Cursing the heavens, Venus turned her back on the Gods in her fateful rage. When Adonis’s blood fell to the soil, Venus bloomed flowers from his wounds to grant him immortality. As Venus’s tears of sweet honey fell down her cheek, a gust of wind blew poppies on her face—the combination of flowers and her sweet tears, next to the only man who won her heart, Venus wept in the breeze until roses bloomed from her mouth wrapping Adonis’s whole body in vines of the perfumed aroma of love. 

Known as the morning star, located between the Sun and the Moon, who is the brightest planet in the sky, Venus represents matters of love, money, compassion, sexuality, food, beauty, confidence, wit, and charm. On a bad day, she may be jealous and overindulge in sugary sweets, however, her goodness radiates through her gentle demeanor.

Acting as the co-ruler of the maternal element in astrology (the Moon is the first ruler), Venus acts as a guide to aide us through the mystical trance of unconditional love. We honor her glory every Friday by ingesting honey as an offering, as a sacrifice to her being poisoned by honey, before praying to her.

Venus’s story resonates throughout world. It’s perhaps the most important part of an individual’s astrology chart because it shows how one cares and demonstrates love to others, their inclinations and tastes, their palate, what gives them pleasure, how they may be inclined to sacrifice their happiness for those they care for. Venus is the goddess of all things which inwardly matter—security and harmony and teaching us to live the bon vivant life. Honor your inner Venus and through evoking her spirit, she will bring all the luxuries and goodness life has to offer. 

top image: The Birth of Venus (1863) by Alexandre Cabanel, via Wikimedia Commons

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