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Toking Care of Business

If you live in California, you can purchase any of the Golden State-produced items shown here. Outside of Cali, you’re limited to those that only contain CBD, a cannabis derivative with medicinal properties that won’t get you stoned. Hopefully, we’ll soon all be living in weed-friendly states. Until then, here’s a preview of the future of cannabis products.




poptart b1740

Available in Strawberry Rose and Cherry Almond, these tasty, vegan, gluten-free treats use a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC to help curb chronic pain. Mini Toaster Pastries, $16 for a pack of four, treatyourselfinc.com 


Get Your Greens

Broccoli3 fd9a5

This beautifully designed “magazine for cannabis lovers” covers everything from product reviews to interviews with pop-culture smokers to in-depth weed science. Broccoli, $26.40 for a three-issue subscription, broccolimag.com


Rolling With the Homies

purebeauty 9a441

Beautiful buds are rolled to perfection in this pack of joints. Identical to filtered cigarettes except this tobbacc-y is wacky. Pure Beauty Joints, $50 for a pack of 5, purebeautypurebeauty.co


Toast to Being Toasted

LaGranduer cbf65

Dubbed the “Champagne of cannabis,” this sparkling cranberry juice—with 5 mg of THC per serving—will have you living the high life. La Grandeur Sparkling Cranberry, $20, lagrandeur.co


Sippin’ Not Smokin’

Mondo ecf93

Stir some of this cannabis powder into your morning tea and let the THC/CBD combo cut the anxiety out of your day. Mondo Powder, $40, mondomeds.com



Top It Off

CBD Balm 49175

Soothe sore muscles and period cramps with this topical CBD salve, or add a spoonful to coffee for help with anxiety, acne, or catching some Zs. Revive CBD Balm, $30, leeforganics.com


The Bar Is High

Lulus 61cc4

These vegan, gluten-free chocolates have a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC and come in five flavors: Awake, Arouse, Relax, Cannabis Love, and Botanical Delight (CBD only). Lulu’s Artisan Chocolate: THC/CBD, $14; CBD only, $9.99; lulusbotanicals.com


A Lil’ Dab Will Do Ya

deviantdabs 1c6a5

Dabs are concentrated doses of cannabis that get you high af. The ladies at Deviant Dabs offer three types: Shatter (pictured), Wax, and Rosin. Deviant Dabs: $20, Wax; $25, Shatter; $35, Rosin; 20 grams each; thedab.com


Well Oiled 

PdH 75f9b

Whether you bake it into brownies or drizzle some over a caprese salad, this THC-infused olive oil is highly recommended. One teaspoon equals smoking half a joint. Pot d’Huile; $18 for 25 ml, $60 for 125 ml; potdhuile.com 

 By Callie Watts

This article originally appeared in the April/May 2018 print edition of BUST Magazine. Subscribe today!

Top image via Comedy Central/Broad City

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