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Pillows have come a long way since crunchy, nasty feathers and flimsy Poly-Fil were the norm. These days, re-imagined models like the ones below with all kinds of cool bells and whistles are flooding the market. Use this handy guide to figure out if one of these deluxe clouds of comfort is right for you. 

Dreampad Memory Support Pillow

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Price: $179


Features: As seen on Shark Tank, this comfy block of memory foam plugs into your phone and connects to a free app offering sleep-inducing music, timer, alarm, and options to stream your own music.

Try this one if…you have trouble sleeping, or if you’re a night owl with a light-sleeping partner. Once any device with a headphone jack is attached, you can only hear it if you’re lying on the Dreampad!



Sleep Number PlushComfort Ultimate Pillow

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Price: $47.99


Features: With three removable microfiber inserts, you can adjust this pillow’s height until it feels just right. Stack ‘em high to watch TV like a queen, then remove a layer or two to make the surface flatter for sleeping.

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Try this one if…size matters and you like a traditional puffy feel.


Mediflow Floating Comfort Fiberfill Pillow

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Price: $49.99


Features: This one has two layers, a plump polyester base, and a compartment that can be filled with water for adjustable, floaty neck support.

Try this one if…owning a mini waterbed just for your head feels like living your best life. This is also the best bet for chronic neck pain.

By Emily Rems

This article originally appeared in the February/March 2018 print edition of BUST Magazine. Subscribe today!

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