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This portrait series captures the vibrant and unflappable style of female skateboarder, Kabrina Adams (also known as "Moonbear" among her peers — follow her on Instagram here). She’s a founding member of the all-female NYC skateboarder crew, Skate Kitchen, and an active videographer and DJ. We shot the series back in late October while the weather temperature was still fairly moderate. For location, I chose to pluck her out of a skatepark environment and shoot her on the streets of Manhattan’s Chinatown, a colorful and culturally distinct location. I felt the neighborhood would jive well with her personality and the unique flavor she brings from her native Flatbush, Brooklyn.


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Lanna Apisukh is a Brooklyn-based photographer specializing in lifestyle and documentary photography. She draws inspiration from places she visits and the people she connects with and aims to create authentic stories through her images.  Lanna is also a skateboarder and has worked with organizations such as Skate Like A Girl and Girls Riders Organization to empower females and help them build confidence through skateboarding. Follow her on instagram @apisukh and visit her website http://apisukh.com and her photography website http://lannaapisukh.com