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BUST's witch-in-residence, Callie Watts, rounds up her favorite magical goods for this Halloween season.

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1. Witches don’t really fly on brooms, but they do use special ones called besoms for energy cleansing and protection. The handle of this one has an intricately carved “Green Man,” an ancient motif thought to symbolize rebirth. Hand Carved Hearth Broom in Rust, $67, broomchick.etsy.com 

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2. Display your fave stones and herbs on this beautiful wooden shelf with a moon phase cutout in its back panel. Mountain Shelf, $62.64, coppermoonboutique.etsy.com 

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3. These apothecary bottles, labeled with folk and common herb names, add whimsy to any cabinet. We chose Graveyard Dust (Mullein), Dew of the Sea (Rosemary), Semen of Hermes (Dill), and Blood of Hestia (Chamomile). Apothecary Bottles, $6 each, stardustandlavender.etsy.com

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4. This figurine is a witch’s cheat sheet to chiromancy (aka palmistry), the art of reading a person’s character traits and future in the lines of their hands. Small Palmistry Statue—Chiromancy, $18, artemmortis.etsy.com 

salt 0d646

5. Go to this Etsy shop for the Black Salt or Red Brick Dust (used for protection spells), stay for the product descriptions: “I grind this bitch like a 17-year-old boy on his dance partner at prom.” Bitch I Ain’t Even Playin’ Black Salt, Not Today Bitch! Red Brick Dust, $9.60 each, shamanicrootwitch.etsy.com 

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6. This found coyote skull covered in amethyst and quartz is a gorgeous piece for an occultist’s collection. Amethyst Quartz Points Rough Crystallized Coyote, $148, tessasfinds.etsy.com


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7. This beautifully illustrated paperback profiles nine North American plants. Descriptions include medicinal and magical properties and associated symbols. The Hedge Witch’s Herbal Grimoire, Second Edition, $39, poison-apple-printshop.myshopify.com

bookofshadows d4ab9

8. Perfect for pop-culture-loving enchantresses, this replica of the Book of Shadows from the cult TV show Charmed features 50 spells from the series. (It’s meant more for display than actual use.) Book of Shadows Almanac—Charmed 50 Spells, $48.60, thewitcherycrafts.etsy.com

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9. This Hecate-honoring sacred oil can be used to anoint yourself, ritual tools, and your altar any time you need a little magical boost from the Greek Goddess of Witchcraft. Hecate Sacred Ritual Oil, $16.95, anitaapothecaryshop.etsy.com

*All feathers and skulls were found—no animals were harmed

By Callie Watts
Photographed by Kristen Blush

This article originally appeared in the October/November 2017 print edition of BUST Magazine. Subscribe today!

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