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When you're holiday shopping, don't forget to buy a gift for yourself! Find these vendors and more at the BUST Craftacular in Brooklyn on December 9 and 10.

1. Grow a Pair pin by Jazzelli Designs, $9.99


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After a bad day, every girl deserves a good online shop to purchase something to empower her so the next day is a little bit better. Jazzelli does just that. This fun accessory shop was created by the couple Sarah Buzzelli and Jasmine Jackson to empower their customers to expresses themselves feminitly, masculinly or anything in between with their fun pins and patches meant to make a statement. 


2. BUFF Facial Exfoliant & Mask by Flynn & King, $25.00

buff facial exfoliant mask with cleansing clays coconut water 1 1024x1024 3d174Nothing is better than treating yourself to a new face mask. The creators of Flynn & King, Summer Dinh Manske and Corina McDonnell, know this, but also understand the harmfulness of synthetic fragrances. For this reason Flynn & King was created. Both Summer and Corina realized in their own ways that the general products they were using were not work. The company is dedicated to using natural and organic prouducts packaged in sustainable containers, treating your skin and the earth. 


3. Hoop Art by The Studio Nook, $35.00

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Time to spice up your space with custom hoop art, that will brighten your spirits as you walk out of your door in the morning. Tati, the creator of The Studio Nook, and hand crochets every item from her designs to ones that you choose. When you order one of Tati's products you won't just be contributing to one small business but a whole slew of them. All items used in the production of your hoop art is totally vegan and absolutley no plastic. Tati herself finds the materials, buying them from other small businesses, so that your new hoop art is truly a piece of mnay small businesses. 

4. Business Party Jacket by Barber, $280

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Now that fall is here, it's your excuse to treat yourself to a new denim jacket. Barber will make your jacket even more fun with this embrodiery following the brand moto to not take yourself too seriously. The creator, Darcy Barber has a special talent for making normal clothing items special and fun. Each collection that comes out has a new theme but all Barber products are upcycled material, making the forgotten items into something beautiful and special. 


Savannah Stevenoski is a Women's and Gender Studies major at Pace University and is involved with the on campus group Pace Peace Action. She is originally from Wisconsin and has moved to NYC to persue writing and activism. Along with writing for BUST she has her own blog Do What's Write that she started during her exchange year in France. Now fluent in French she hopes to combine her two loves of French and feminsim in a future career.
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