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We love home decor here at BUST HQ. From pillows to prints, these makers have got you covered. Check out a few of our favorite products down below. And guess what? All of these make amazing holiday gifts for your friends and family! Mark your calendars and get your gift wrap ready — all these tiny treasures and more are going to be at our upcoming BUST Craftacular Holiday at the Brooklyn EXPO Center from December 9 + 10. Get more info and tickets here



Bold Bear Studios

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Starting our list off strong with an abstract marbled ceramic bottle. Bold Bear Studios was founded by Bernie Daroux, who has been working with clay since she was 14 years old. BBS is a Brooklyn-based ceramics studio with custom, unique pieces such as coffee pour-overs, mugs, and necklace pendants. Due to her marbling process each piece is different from one another, and all are finished off with gold lustre detailing. You can reach her directly on Instagram @boldbearstudio and DM her to purchase whichever custom piece suits your fancy.


Sarah Babin


A self-proclaimed “nasty woman from the Deep South”, Sarah Babin’s original art prints are made from handmade paper collages that are inspired by surrealism and vintage printed material. Due to her back ground as a performer and writer, each of her pieces tell a different story;  believes that: “Art is a conversation. It is social. It is freeing.” Plant Things is also available as a 4x6 postcard that you can definitelly use as a framed print, or a custom collage you can create on your wall.




Not so shy for a mild guy. (Psst... you can detach his little leaf if modesty isn't part of your ~aesthetic~) Cute little pillows are such a great way to add decoration and coziness to any home or apartment. RAISHA was founded by Raisha Friedman, who is currently studying Illustration in NYC. Her collection of Mild Guy designs also include patches, totes, and stickers. She also has a collection of various sticker, patch, and tote bag designs on her Etsy. You can also check out her illustrations on her Tumblr and Behance, as well!

Holly Simple


This painting is sure to give any space in your humble abode a grungey and surrealist twist. Holly Simple's collection of handmade goodies are delightfully grimey. As a self-described "collection of highbrow/lowbrow creations" this Brooklyn-based artist has such an interesting array of artistic works. Since 2014 Holly Simple has been designing statement pieces, art prints, zines, and comics. You can check out and keep up with her creations on her digital sketchblog, which she started after the creation of her first zine Roy G. Biv is DEAD.  


Diana Teeter



Diana Teeter has been making art since 2015 when she decided to dedicate at least one hour every single day for a year to create a small painting. That one-hour activity turned into a full time passion.

Naughty Naughty Pets



Wendy Ann Gardner is truly a jack of all trades. Hailing from Toronto, she moved to New York City to work as an illustrator. She founded her own company, SCARY STORIES INC, where she began selling a unique line of plush toys that has been licensed worldwide into a line of wallets, bags, stationery, and more. The French plush was inspired by a french bulldog that Wendy met on her adventures.


Erin Wengrovius


All eyes are on this adorable little ceramic pot. Designer and illustrator Erin Wengrovius has an amazing collection of unique and funny ceramic designs. She has been designing and illustrating for nearly a decade. Her online store showcases her ceramic designs- perfect for storing your succulents, jewelry, or any other little treasures you may have- and her various inforgraphics and creative designs.


Laura Eliason

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This Silk Dye painting set is sure to add an etherial splash of color to your living space. Laura Eliason says that she "seeks the beauty between the grit"; she believes in the healing powers of good design and we have to agree. She has an amazing collection of home and wall decor, along with garments, hats, scarves, and other accessories. In addition, her artwork has been showcasd in private collections in Ireland, Russia, Switzrland, France, Germany, Canada and the US.

Ceramics and Theory


For ladies and gentlemen that have an expansive, and not-so-polite, vocabulary. We love multi-use items like cups to store pens and pencils, flowers, makeup, and makeup brushes. Ceramics and Theory founder Dustin Yager has been working in New York City since 2016, but has displayed his works all over the country in cities like Minneapolis and Chicago.




First and foremost, Zeynep Kilik would like to let everyone know her name is pronounced Zey like "hey" and Nep like "yep". Got it? Good. She just spent a year in Italy and has made it her mission to let anyone in the tri-state area know about it for the next decade or two. Other than that you can find her tearing up the West Village, yelling at hipsters in her heavy Brooklyn accent.