We are so excited to have evolutive tarot reader María Soledad at our Primped BUST Craftacular this upcoming April 1st. She is a 'human/actress extraordinare, evolutive tarot reader, Kabbalah astrologer fantastique, meditation goddess, absolute artist'—and she's coming to BUST Craftacular! Soledad was trained in meta geneaology, psychomagic and evolutive tarot by Alejandro Jodorowsky and his son, Cristobal. With these guides, she began hunting for conditioning, or patterns and limiting beliefs in her own unconscious. María Soledad uses 'shadow as an ally for breathtaking adventures' and to align with her 'truest self'; since she stopped identifying with ego, separation, and darkness, she '[identifies] only with being.' And now she can serve you! María Soledad uses tarot as a tool for evolution, helping clients identify their unconscious limitations on a cognitive level so they can manifest their true abundant selves. She currently offers readings in both English and Spanish and her readings are INCREDIBLE! Trust us, she is the real deal!!

maria2María Soledad

María Soledad will be offering 15- and 30-minute sessions at BUST Craftacular's Primped on April 1. Readings include:

The sentence: Ask a specific question, or leave it open for your higher self to send you downloads from the field of infinite possibilities. (15 mins)

Freedom Reading: Something blocking you? Feeling tied up, stuck? Look at blockages in the eye, trace them, and break free. (30 mins)

Love Reading: What's happening right now in the unstoppable muscle that is your pumping heart? Are you dating or are about to date a Karma Mate, an Ego Mate or a Soul Mate? How is this going to unfold? Get a newsflash from the unknown. (30 mins)

Chakra Reading: What story are you telling your body? What does your body need to tell you? If you've been manifesting physical pain or any burden this is your reading. Diagnosis and prescriptions from your own personal healer. (30 mins)

Career Reading: What makes your heart sing? Are you creating from your passion? Passion is money...tons of it. Allow it to happen! Be. Just be and everything will follow through. (30 mins)

15 minutes- 30, flow
30 minutes- 50, rides into the unconscious

These readings are by appointment, and prices are specific to Primped at BUST's Craftacular only. Make your appointment here! Buy tickets to the Craftacular here!

Photo: María Soledad

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