Pony Sweat is an amazing aerobics workout, created by Emilia Richeson, for all skill levels that allows people to do their own thing to Emilia’s killer playlists. Based in Los Angeles, she teaches classes 4 days a week with prices and times listed on her site. But for those of us not in L.A., she is releasing her first official workout video entitled Pony Sweat: Volume 1 the week of June 12th. The 50-minute dance video is easy to follow and curated perfectly with warm up and stretching segments to make sure you’re working out safely.

Emilia has worked to make an energetic workout using amazing playlists combined with fun and simple moves to create an environment of inclusivity that she felt exercise was lacking when she was growing up. She wanted a place where people would feel comfortable sweating and dancing without feeling judged. On the Pony Sweat YouTube channel, she describes the workout as “fiercely non-competitive” and from her videos, it definitely feels that way. According to the Pony Sweat site, “She intends Pony Sweat to be an exercise class where people of all abilities belong, where we take time for our bodies to play as they once did, where sweating is synonymous with self-expression, and where synchronous dance moves nurture friendship and community!!”


Photo Credit: Pony Sweat Instagram

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