Max Waters yeah


Trump isn't the only one who can call it like it is. Yesterday, Senator Maxine Waters of California went on MSNBC with Chris Hayes and called the Trump cabinet "a bunch of scumbags" who "are all organized around making money." Used to interviewees talking in circles, Hayes was taken aback and asked Waters to explain (though most of us can agree the term speaks for itself). Waters went on to say that we have to watch out for Rex Tillerson's proven cozy rapport with Putin, and Reince Priebus' attempts to quell the media's coverage of new alleged secret talks with Russia during the election. 


Senator Waters made waves earlier this year when she refused to grace the inauguration with her presence and called out other Democrats for their fickleness. She tweeted: "I have never ever contemplated the inauguration or any activities associated with @therealdonaldtrump. I wouldn't waste my time."

Basically, Waters could wipe the floor with her brazen straightforwardness. 

Earlier this month, she said on CNN that "Trump's actions are leading himself to impeachment."

In yesterday's video, she calls the cabinet a clan who are all "interested in oil and drilling" who "need this president to get those sanctions lifted."

Also, different from the Trump-ets, she backs up her claims with #facts, citing the second executive order Trump passed, in which big oil companies "won't have to disclose the bribes they get."

Sean Spicey better step up his game.


Top Image: screenshot from MSNBC interview.

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