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Design queen Justina Blakeney shares her tips for getting your own wild style at home

Justina Blakeney isn’t afraid of color. Or patterns. Or going DIY on a space to bring it to life. The L.A.-based designer and author of the home décor book The New Bohemians has turned her “jungalow” aesthetic (a mix of cozy bungalow vibes and wild, plant-heavy details) into a movement. Here she tells us how to bring her signature look home. 

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1. “Breathe life into your bedroom (without making an impact on the footprint of your room) by planting up wall alcoves and built-in shelves, or our favorite, a bay window plant collection that lets in coveted natural light.”

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2. “Get a vintage apothecary or library card catalog and give it a fresh update by reserving a handful of drawers for planting. For smaller spaces, you can achieve a similar look by repurposing an old drawer as a wall shelf (or on a side table) for tiny potted succulents.”


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3. “I enhanced my kitchen’s simple color palette of green and white by using a variety of visual textures: shiny tile backsplash, wall paint, dishes, dishtowels, and of course, PLANTS!”

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4. “Maximize the impact plants can make in a room with strategic placement of mirrors, giving the appearance of double the green power.”

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5. “If you don’t have a green thumb (or have little natural light), use ?plantastic prints on your walls and place large statement leaves in vases around the room.”

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By Lisa Butterworth
Photographed by Kat Borchart


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