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A new wave of luxury tampon brands brings period products right to your door



The menstrual renaissance is upon us! Tampon delivery services like Kali, Cora, and Lola make dealing with your cycle convenient and customizable, without the harsh chemicals and synthetic fibers of drug store brands. Here, we put these new tamps to the test. – Meghan Sara

Cora sports a no-frills design in the best possible way—no side of pink flowers and butterflies here. The tamps are organic cotton with plastic applicators (BPA-free, but still), and I found the Super absorbency tamps to be more Super than most—even my heaviest days were leak-free. Bottom line: Cora is sleek, sophisticated, and convenient—period. cora opt

$18 for 24 tampons, cora.life.

Lola offers complete customization. Choose one or two boxes, decide how often they arrive, and select the precise combination of Super, Regular, and Lights you want. Their natural cotton tamps (with the same BPA-free plastic app as Cora) are much beefier than the synthetic store-bought ones I was used to. Bottom line: Lola had me singing, “Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets.”LOLA tamps 1090x500 opt



$10 for 18 tampons, mylola.com

Kali’s packaging is as classy as a Tiffany’s box. And the fancy wipettes and rosewater mist made me feel like Audrey Hepburn. Choose from Regular and Super organic cotton tampons with cardboard applicators for monthly or bi-monthly delivery. Plus $1 from each box goes to the UN foundation Girl Up! Bottom line: Kali transforms your period into a spa experience.

Kali opt

$19.95 for 14 tampons and pampering items, kaliboxes.com.


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