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This week, more than 82 innocent civilians were executed in the Syrian city of Aleppo by pro-government troops. According to NPR, many of the people executed were in makeshift medical facilities, or attempting to flee from the troops that were on the verge of recapturing the city. Jens Laerke, the spokesperson for the United Nations humanitarian office, called the events a "complete meltdown of humanity."

In an attempt to allow citizens to evacuate the city, a cease-fire was called between Russia and Turkey on Tuesday. But Syrian troops have begun their slaughter once again Wednesday morning.


What's happening in Syria is genocide, and as more executions are expected, here are four organizations you can donate to or volunteer for to help the people of Aleppo:

The White Helmets – The white helmets are a volunteer organization who have worked throughout Syria during the civil war. Volunteers travel to sites of bombings and extract people from rubble, offering medical care to victims, and raise money to replace resources destroyed during air strikes.

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Doctors Without Borders – Just one month ago two Doctors Without Borders hospitals were bombed in Aleppo. The sites were destroyed but many of the doctors remained in the area to help victims. You can donate to the organization, which helps war-torn countries all over the world, here.

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Mercy-USA – Mercy USA is a non-profit relief organization. Currently, they are working in Syria to provide stoves and eco-friendly fuel to displaced families, but the organization also has plans to build a health clinic outside of Aleppo.

UNHCR – Thousands have been displaced from their homes in Aleppo since the fighting began. The United Nations refugee agency provides refugees with medicine, clean water, and sleeping bags until they can find more permanent living arrangements. 

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