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This holiday season, instead of an American Girl doll, consider buying the young girls (and boys!) in your life a diverse doll created specifically to boost self-esteem.

Dr. Lisa Williams created the Positively Perfect doll company to offer dolls that represented multicultural children like hers, and that reflected their beauty. Williams said that she launched the company to, "Encourage dreams, promote intelligence, challenge perceptions, and open [children's] hearts to all types of beauty." In order to reach a diverse crowd the dolls are available with all natural hair and hairstyles and with skin tones "from buttercream to chocolate."


This line of multicultural dolls not only fosters body positivity among young Black and Latina kids, especially girls, but emphasizes children's worth with specific sentiments like, “I am proud,” or “I am smart.”

Check out some of the different dolls available below, and purchase them here.

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Photos via Facebook and PhotoBucket

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