Jane Fonda has been a human rights activist since the '60s, and an all-around inspirational queen for just as long. This year she's spending her Thanksgiving supporting others fighting the good fight — serving dinner to some of the thousands of protesters at the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota.

The "Water Protectors Community Appreciation Dinner," named after the native people protecting the land, will be served by a group of 50 volunteers, including Fonda. The actress also donated five butchered bison and four Mongolian yurts used for shelter.


"Our purpose is to give back to Native Americans — the Standing Rock Sioux and representatives of over 300 native tribes from throughout the Americas who have joined them in support,” said Judy Wicks, who organized the meal.

Protests against the construction of the pipeline, which will transport crude oil, jeopardizing the source of drinking water for the Standing Rock Sioux, started over a year ago; but this Thanksgiving comes just days after police used excessive measures against protesters, including the use of water cannons in freezing temperatures.

dapl protestImage via Flickr


Fonda famously protested the Vietnam War, fought in support of the Civil Rights Movement, and has supported American Indian's rights for decades. According to Native News Online, she supported the Alcatraz Island Occupation by American Indians in 1969, and went to Seattle in 1970 in support of an occupation by American Indians to get their land back from the U.S. Army.

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