Jesse Staring Into Your Soul

Jesse Williams, Grey's Anatomy star and activist, is once again addressing political issues, this time in a video speaking to undecided voters.

Williams released a PSA, "You Say Vote," on Tuesday as part of Joss Whedon's Save The Day super PAC. The video urged Americans to vote in the upcoming presidential election and stressed the importance of being involved in the voting process. Williams addressed multiple problematic viewpoints among voters, from people who won't vote because they don't like either candidate, to people who think voting is useless and that, "democracy is a sham."


But, Williams said, voting isn't just about the national level. State and local elections directly affect every American and, Williams added, "[Democracy] is a job. It's our job. And it took too goddamn long to get it to just let it slide."

Photo and video via Save The Day


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