7 Beehive Hairstyle Tutorials, In Honor Of Its Creator


Margaret Vinci Heldt, the hairstylist who invented “the beehive," died at age 98 this past Friday. This hairstyle—known for its prominence in the 1960s—takes long hair and pulls it on top of the head to form a conical shape, creating a look similar to that of a beehive.



4 Audrey Hepburn beehive
Audrey Hepburn

Heldt developed this hairstyle after the magazine Modern Beauty Salon asked her to fashion a new look that would reflect the coming decade. Taking inspiration from a fez-like hat she owned and using generous amounts of hairspray, Heldt wanted this look to give height to women and suggest elegance.

This style was popularized through celebrities at the time, including Audrey Hepburn, Barbra Streisand, The Ronettes, and more recently, Amy Winehouse. 

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Native to Chicago, Heldt received her high school's hair styling scholarship and attended cosmetology school, graduating in 1937. She opened her own salon in 1950, Margaret Vinci Coiffures, where she gained local notoriety and won the National Coiffure Championship in 1954. In her passing, lets us recognize the artistic talent portrayed by Heldt, whenever you see "the beehive" or rock one yourself. 

o-ARETHA-FRANKLIN-570Aretha Franklin

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In honor of Heldt's creation, her life, and her death, create your own beehive with these five hairstyle tutorials:

1. BUST's How To Create A Beehive Hairstyle In 5 Steps

Hair winehouse result

2. How To Do A Two-Minute Beehive, via Rookie

3. BIG IS BETTER: A Step-by-Step Guide To Creating Massive Beehives And Bouffants, via xoJane

4. How To Create A '60s Beehive, via John Frieda UK

5. Amy Winehouse Beehive, via Freckled Fox

6. Natural Hair | The Beehive, via Ambrosia Malbrough

 7. Brigitte Bardot Beehive Tutorial, via Aubrey Marie Beauty

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