Courtney holds THE CLAW

Women aint nothin' ta fuck wit. With the TigerLady self-defense claw, you can have the confidence of Catwoman when you claw the life out of someone, TIGA-STYLE.

I am all into weird discreet weapons, so when this arrived, I realized its potential and pounced. There have been countless times when I am getting off a subway late at night, and I see someone look at me, or any other girl, like they are prey.  I usually end up going through my bag to see what I can use for a makeshift weapon/shank if necessary. I have several self-defense objects, all of varying levels of legality, but I somehow never have them when I actually need them. This is usually because they are either A. illegal, or B. metal, C. sometimes both. And because I don’t want them to get taken away, I often take them out of my bag, particularly when traveling, and forget or lose them. Tigerlady claw seems to be the solution, and it's a safe alternative to carrying your keys between your knuckles. It's lightweight, small, discreet, and plastic, which means this could probably get through airport security. The claws have grooves in it to catch DNA of a potential attacker. Plus, anything that can make me that much closer to becoming Catwoman, you can sign me up for.


There are some downfalls to the product, however. The claw is a bit hard to squeeze. When I first picked it up, I actually thought it was some kind of stress ball, but something tells me that if the person using it is scared, it won't be a problem. The claw also makes it so that the spikes come out between your top and middle knuckles (instead of your base knuckles, the way it would if you were holding your keys like Wolverine) which could make for an awkward swipe and potential drop of the claw, luckily, there is a strap attached to keep it near. 

For $29 dollars, Tigerlady could just be the thing to give you the confidence you need to make you feel less vulnerable.


Product shot 4 copy


*TigerLady is legal in all 50 states. 

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