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Today is Earth Day, so you’re probably asking yourself, “What can I do to give back to this planet that has played such gracious host to me?” The answer could be as simple as signing your name.

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Keen is a shoe brand out of Portland, OR. Out of a strong tie to the great outdoors, they created the Live Monumental campaign. They hope to rally businesses and communities across the United States to assist them in petitioning the Obama Administration to permanently protect five special places as National Monuments: Gold Butte in Nevada, Boulder White-Clouds in Idaho, Owyhee Canyonlands in Oregon, Mojave Trails in California, and Birthplace of Rivers in West Virginia.

KEEN doesn’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk: they spent 9 weeks travelling 7500 miles across the country in a 1976 GMC RV. Along the way, they hosted events, gathered signatures, explored these gorgeous locations, and wrapped it all up in Washington DC. Beginning today — Earth Day, of course! — KEEN is taking a short documentary on the road with them, depicting their team on their cross-country trip, exploring these special places and talking to the locals who work to preserve them.

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How can you help? It couldn’t be simpler. Sign their petition to tell our government to protect and preserve these beautiful lands for generations to come! I did it, and it was literally 42 seconds of my time. It’s probably the absolute least you can do for our planet this Earth Day. Was that not enough to convince you? Let KEEN explain the importance of their mission in their own words:

“In our minds, three things help define this country: Democracy, Our Great Outdoors, and the Classic American Road Trip. Our film will weave these three things together, and inspire us live in favor of the future by protecting our greatest outdoor treasures for future generations.”

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