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Chances are you’re familiar with the idea of going to a retirement home to visit your grandparents or other elderly relatives, but have you ever gone to a doggie retirement home? The Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary in Mount Juliet, TN has made it their mission to honor the lives of elderly dogs by providing them a lifetime home and raising awareness of the joys and challenges unique to living with aging dogs. The sanctuary currently houses 45 senior dogs and support over 90 more in forever foster homes. The photos on the Old Friends' Facebook page prove that old dogs are just as playful, funny, fierce, and sweet as any puppy.

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Our front-line squirrel defense team... We are safe.

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Whatever Ranger was saying was not making Miss Rosebud very happy. 

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(Flat) Mo was not interested in waking up to be part of this photo.  

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Busted.... Gertrude sneaks an afternoon snack

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Layla provides full protection for Presidential Hopeful Mildred

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...and we wonder why we can never find a full pair of socks around here...

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Rosco and Gertrude, strolling along, having a nice conversation. 

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Harley brought a blanket outside this afternoon so that he could comfortably nap on the deck.

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Life is good for Harley and Smiley because they have each other.

All photos via Facebook //Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

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Our Front-Line squirrel defense team.... we are safe 

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