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Mother's Day is just ahead, and it can be a time loaded with emotion for those struggling with infertility.  

Holly Camp, designer and creator of Virginia-based greeting card company Holly Camp Cards, has unveiled a new line of greeting cards for women struggling to conceive:  

"Storks don't actually deliver babies the moment you decide you want one. Hopefully everything cooperates, but sometimes trying to build a family can be all-consuming with fear, grief, and confusion. When dealing with infertility, Mother's Day can be especially difficult. Women battling fertility issues are already prioritizing and doing everything they can for their child, even if they haven't had the opportunity to meet them yet. That effort needs to be acknowledged, especially on a complicated day like Mother's Day. Ladies, we're here for you and we love you."



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The success of an IVF procedure depends heavily on a woman's age, and success rates increase after multiple cycles.  Sometimes IVF can feel like a gamble!  Holly Camp Cards knows this, and wants the odds to be in your favor!

The cards are blank inside, to allow you to add your own personal message of support to your loved one.


AchyBoobVibes HollyCampCards


I love Holly's gentle, humorous approach to the tough subject of infertility.  According to the Mayo Clinic, breast tenderness can result after the embryo transfer due to high estrogen levels.  


ThankYouMothersDay HollyCampCards



The scuttlebutt on all that pineapple is that the bromelain in tough center of a pineapple is rumored to increase uterine thickness during IVF cycles. There are no studies yet linking bromelain to success with IVF, but if you like pineapple, it can’t hurt! It’s full of fiber, after all!

Holly Camp Cards goes deep into the culture of infertility, dishing up positive encouragement for women facing the tough battle of trying to get pregnant.


TTC HollyCampCards

For the uninitiated, let's break it down:

TTC = Trying To Conceive,
2ww = 2 Week Wait (how long you have to wait between embryo transfer and testing for pregnancy),
TMI = too much information – Googling early symptoms & hoping for signs of pregnancy,
POAS = “pee on a stick” as in at-home pregnancy test,
BD = Baby Dance (sex),
AF = Aunt Flo (menstruation),
BFP = “Big Fat Positive” meaning PREGNANT!


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For those attempting to conceive, we salute you!   Check out Holly Camp Cards on Etsy and be sure to follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to stay abreast (achy boob vibes!) of her great company.  Thanks, Holly!


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