Meet the new collection of culturally and racially variable dolls that are redefining beauty standards for the younger generations. My Muse Dolls is a new company determined to create globally aware, ambitious role models for little girls.

These aren’t your average blonde Barbies. The My Muse Dolls are customizable through their website. Kids can choose between three different skin tones (ranging from light, medium, and dark) and three hair choices (straight, wavy, and curly). What’s special about these options? The dark skin is actually dark. The curly hair is actually curly. This uncanny accuracy provides natural and obtainable beauty ideals for our wide-eyed and impressionable little girls (spoiler alert: does not include itty bitty waists, large perky breasts, and a 100-pound weight limit).


Not only do these dolls represent realistic girls, but they also represent realistic goals. The My Muse Dolls creators have not neglected to give these dolls brains, confidence, and aspirations.

"[We wanted] a modern doll [that] had a persona, to start conversations about high academic and professional ambitions that we feel should be introduced to girls early on," Amaka Cypriana Uzoh, cofounder of My Muse Dolls, told Mic.

Although you can create your own personal doll on the My Muse Dolls website, there are also three “featured” dolls that serve as the stars of the brand. Meet Adamma, Keva, and Liliana. Adamma is a dark-skinned, curly haired Nigerian girl who wants to be a medical engineer. Keva is a racially ambiguous girl living in Georgia with dreams of being a lawyer. And Liliana is a light-skinned New Yorker hoping to become a movie director. 



"We're passing on this 'call to action' to the girls with conversations that say, 'You are beautiful as you are and part of a powerful, vibrant, global sisterhood.' Do we think this is too big of a concept for young children? Not at all. You do not have to be a grown-up to start doing great, meaningful things that impact others. Your actions have a ripple effect and are impacting others already."

These dolls are the real deal. Barbie is boring. Our little girls need new role models. 

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