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Surely you’ve heard of dolls for children. And, of course, there are dolls for adults—also known as sex dolls—but here are some dolls that fall into a completely foreign category. The Enchanted Dolls, made by the Russian jewelry artist and designer Marina Bychkova, are more like disturbing works of art.

Each doll has it’s own totally unique and elaborate design. They may be adorned with an intricate costume, and the designs include precious gemstones, metals, and rare found objects. More realistic than any Barbie you've ever seen, these dolls have breasts with nipples, joints, and even vaginas. They are haunting with their wide, watery eyes, but the complexity of their designs set them miles apart from any other line of collectable porcelain dolls. 


According to Bychkova, each doll is meant to convey an aspect of humanity. "Simultaneously innocent and sexual, Enchanted Dolls depict highly stylized images of femininity, while at the same time reflecting on life’s playful naiveté," she writes. Take a look and decide if they're totally gorgeous or completely creepy. Maybe both.




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Images via Enchanted Dolls

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