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Weee-wooo!  Sound the ADORABLENESS ALARM! Unless you’re currently performing brain surgery, you need to stop what you’re doing IMMEDIATELY and look at this pregnancy photoshoot starring Lilica, a four-year-old pinscher mix from Brazil:



Lilica Photo Shoot 2

This gorgeous gallery of gestational glee is the brainchild of photographer Ana Paula Grillo, who saw her neighbor’s pup ready to pop and had an idea. Grillo told Mashable that she’d seen human women do photo shoots to celebrate their pregnancies, and “I saw her big belly and I thought, this is it.”


Lilicas Pregnant Photo Shoot


Grillo shared the photo collection on her Facebook page and the rest was cute, cute history.


Lilica photo shoot 3

Lilica Photo Shoot 10

The very next day, Lilica gave birth to four boys and one girl pup.


Lilica Photo Shoot 9

New Fall Issue d217c

Lilica Photo Shoot 4

What can we expect next from Lilica? Will there be a post-partum shoot with her offspring, who have all been adopted by friends and family of Lilica’s owner? Will Lilica’s puppies become breakaway stars in their own right? When will Lilica be signed to a proper modelling contract?


Lilica Photo Shoot 5

Lilica Photo Shoot 8

For now, let’s hope the new mom is resting and planning her next project.


Lilica Photo Shoot 6

Lilica Photo Shoot 6


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